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Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile

Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile

Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile    Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile

Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile. But new deliveries are arriving every week - backorder or check back with us if your preferred size is not available to. Day; it will be back soon.

The ADAX Neo WIFI combines state of the art heating technology with minimalist Norwegian design. Resulting in one of the most stylish heaters available. ADAX, a manufacture of heating products since 1949, are specialist in high quality, energy efficient and slimline electric heating. All ADAX electric panel heaters are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards. The NEOL is the low profile heater.

The reduced height of this heater is ideal for installation below window's and in conservatories. The Neo differs from other electric radiators with its sleek minimalist design and elegant colour options. Providing a super modern aesthetic that looks great in contemporary and traditional decors. The heater's thin and slimline profile is unobtrusive in the room.

The radiator only projects 85mm out from the wall once installed. Gone are the days of leaving heating on, or come home to a cold home again!

With the WiFi functionally built in, the heater connects directly with the WiFi router. Download the ADAX WiFi app, pair the heater with your router and your ready to use the abundance of features available. You can use the app over WiFi or mobile internet, no matter where you are your heating is accessible. Within the APP you can select and customise a variety of features and modes.

Allowing you to tailor your heating to your exact needs. The ADAX WiFi system offers a far more control than before. With the App's Zone feature you can choose different heat levels in each room. Each zone / room can have its own heating timed schedule or used a manual mode.

Letting you select which rooms are warm throughout the day. In addition, with the App, you can turn on the heater's energy saving modes and cut down on wasted electricity. The "open window" mode monitors the air temperature. If the room temperature rapidly decreases the heater will temporarily switch off.

Preventing wasting energy heating a room that your trying to cool. Also the "adaptive start" mode learns the optimum time to start warming the room up. The heater's thermostat can also be operated via the heater's control panel.

So your not be left in the cold if the WI-FI was to go offline. Control all your heaters in multiple locations, from anywhere. Several pre programmed heating schedules and the option to programme custom heating schedules. Pre-defined modes Home (comfort), Sleep (reduced) and Away (Anti-frost). The temperature for these modes can be altered to your preference.

Quick and easy adjustments can be made in case you from your routine. Control your heaters independently or by in a group. So that you can have a room by room program. "Open window" function, active start, thermostat control. (all can be turned off in App). App is a free download. Available in IOS, Android and Windows Store.

The ADAX CLEA is a market leading panel heater built using the highest quality electronics, including a precision thermostat. Ensuring your living environment remains safe and comfortable.

This convector heater provides instantaneous heat for a rapid warm up time in the room. With the additional benefit of being far more controllable than oil filled radiators.

Making Adax Neo the stylish, modern and energy efficient heating solution. The clea uses natural convection to circulate the hot air produced around the room. Removing the need for a fan fan. Thus the heater silently operates and produces no turbulent air.

ADAX's X fin heating element provides tremendous heat transfer as well not creating the dry air feeling associated with other heaters. Letting you relax and enjoy the comforting warmth produced. The ADAX Neo is a market leading panel heater built with the best quality electronics.

Most heaters on the market offer a seamingly long grantee but only cover the electronics for 2 years. However ADAX offer an intrinsic 5 year Guarantee covering body work and electronics (Please see our guarantee page for full details) as well as meeting all necessary EU and UK approvals. Giving you absolute peace of mind. So much so, ADAX is a firm favourite of Building Developers and Contractors, with 1000's being installed in recent property developments in the UK and Europe. The heater comes with a sturdy "H" wall bracket and molded UK plug, Also supplied is wall mounting kit, template and instructions, making the heater installation as simple as possible.

A 3 pin UK plug is already fitted onto the heater. However, if you wish to hard wire the heater, the plug can be cut without affecting the guarantee. This heater is compatible with ADAX's portable leg brackets. Ideal for taking the heater from room to room.

See accessory shop for more details. The Neo WiFi connects directly to your WiFi hub. Simply plug the heater in, pair directly with your WiFi.

Then you are ready to control your heater from anywhere. The Neo's slim profile keeps the heater unobtrusive by keeping it tight to the wall.

24 hour / 7 day intelligent timer. Simply set the temperatures and times you would like your room at and relax. With the APP, completely lock the heater and prevent the controls from being tampered with.

Ideal if the heater is situated in public spaces or around children. If you have multiple heaters in a room, group them together. This makes control the different areas of your home clear and simple. Fully compliant with eco design LOT20 regulations. With energy saving features, such as adaptive start, open window detection, timer, precise thermostat and distance control. Adax NEO NL 06 KDT. 208 x 1005 x 85. Adax NEO NL 08 KDT. 208 x 1186 x 85.

Adax NEO NL 10 KDT. 208 x 1380 x 85. Adax NEO NL 12 KDT. 208 x 1548 x 85. Adax NEO NL 14 KDT.

208 x 1760 x 85. Adax Wifi App - Important Tips (Please Read Before Installation). Please ensure that there is a good Wifi signal in the place where the heater is to be installed. This is the best solution if you are having difficulty. It is not recommend to install a Wifi heater in a location where the signal strength to the router is poor. When you setup the APP, please ensure that you enter the full name of your router in the SSID field (case sensitive). Sometimes it may default to'my wifi' as the router name. Broadband routers commonly offer two Wifi frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. We advise that you turn off the 5Ghz setting on the router's setup page before you attempt the Wifi connection. This is to reduce interference. When the connection is complete, you can turn the 5 Ghz mode back on again. Scottish Highlands and Islands (Postcodes: AB, DD, FK, IV, KW, PA, PH, ZE). Collection is available from our warehouse in North Yorkshire. Solaire Heating Products is an online retailer of electric heaters, heated towel rails, designer radiators and bathroom led mirrors.
Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile    Adax Neo WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater / Convector, Wall Mounted, Low Profile